Water: The Essence of Life

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We are composed of 70% water. We need water in order for our blood to circulate, our oxygen to flow, and our nerves to conduct electricity. Feeling thirsty is the first sign of dehydration. Hunger, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and headaches are good indicators that you are dehydrated. You should be urinating every hour or two and the urine should be nearly clear. This is a good way to judge your level of hydration.

The general rule is to drink 75% of your body weight in ounces of water a day; so say if you were 150 lbs then one would drink 112.5 ounces a day.

So the Challenge Of The Week is to increase your water intake to match the general rule above for seven days and notice what changes in your health and energy level.
The Hidden Messages In Water

In addition to the healing properties of water in and of itself there is research being done on the structure of each individual water molecule and how it responds to particular words, frequency, music, and emotions.
Masaru Emoto wrote the book: Hidden Messages In Water in which he demonstrates this theory.

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    Congrats Dr. Arjan , your website is extremely informative . ejoyed reading it and would look forward to your newsletters. Iam avid reader of sikhnet and came to know u had wonderful eperience during your recent indian trip. loved the pics and articles posted by your better half . god bless u and your family . best wishes dimpumangat

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