Curious to know what people think about Dr. Arjan? Here are a few recent testimonial…

“I have had the blessing to work with Dr Arjan for more than seven years. She is truly a healer, her treatments have touched my soul as they heal my body.  In addition to her chiropractic manipulations, her meditative presence and clear intuition have assisted me in clearing old patterns that were creating the physical problems.  I believe that one is healed when they walk into Dr Arjan’s office, and she smiles at you and says I am so happy you are here today.”

Hari Charn K.
Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Executive


“I have had a broken back, hip pain, high blood sugar, and adhesion pain from multiple surgeries at different times in my life.  Dr. Arjan has helped me with all of them.  If what she does and how she makes people feel could be put into a pill, the world would be a better place. I’m glad she is in Espanola, because the quality of my life has greatly improved since she has been a part of it.”

Maureen Red Elk


“I came to see Dr. Khalsa in 2002 for ringing in my ears, as well as headaches and neck pain that I had experienced since 1972 after I had been hit in the head. I have felt moody, cranky, unable to concentrate when reading and using the computer for many years.  I had been to see several specialists but with no results.  After only 3 sessions, I stopped taking anti-depressants because I felt so much better.  The neck pain, tinnitus, and headaches were all gone.  I am so grateful that you are here in the Espanola Valley, and I encourage everyone to seek help from Dr. Arjan and staff.”

Carl Archuleta

“I cannot begin to tell you how much I look forward to your health tip emails. They are extremely useful and provide great insight into natural remedies and all the tools we can find in nature to overcome sickness.”

Amra Nawaz



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