Working together

Thank you so much for exploring the option of working with me for your health and wellness needs.  I love working with people like you to help coach you into the life that you envision for yourself.

I work hands-on and face-to-face with people in my office here in New Mexico, but there is a lot that we can do for you with a virtual appointment, as well. I am a firm believer in holistic health. I believe that there is not one ‘magic bullet’ that cures all ills. I believe that we are all a reflection of our lifestyle choices and that our health is reflecting how we have been eating, thinking, sleeping, and moving in the world.

I believe that we can transform our health through conscious choices that we can start TODAY. I would love to guide you in those changes.

After you’ve given me details on your health and areas that you wish to work on, we will meet virtually “face-to-face” (via phone or video call) to discuss some options for you.

I have 3 main areas of focus, when suggesting improvements and making changes to improve your health


These suggestions include tools such as dietary changes like adding or eliminating foods. Through discussion, we can identify some foods that may need some elimination for a period of time for your body to rest and heal. Or, we may find some foods that, if we introduce them, may create some healing effects. If you aren’t ready to make any food changes just yet, we can start in another area of health.


I like to look into your lifestyle and how you sit, sleep, move, relax and engage throughout your day and week. We may find some areas of your life that we can improve with small, consistent changes in exercise, meditation, breath work, postural changes, relaxation or time management.

supplementsHerbal and Nutritional Support

If needed, we may find some herbal or nutritional supplementation that will support your health and vitality.

I spend time getting to know you, where you are able and willing to make changes in your life at the moment, and what support will best suit your needs at this time.

If this sounds like something that you’re ready to get started with today, click here for the details on how to make your first appointment

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