Make an appointment with Dr. Khalsa to create a new integrative lifestyle. Are you tired of being in pain? Have you tried working with numerous healthcare practitioners and not sure how to integrate all of the information? Are you looking for new and holistic ways of approaching your health?

If you’re looking for creating a new life for yourself with the help of an experienced healthcare practitioner, working with Dr. Arjan may be the right next step for you. While Dr. Khalsa doesn’t diagnose or treat specific illnesses or diseases, she can work with your presenting signs and symptoms to help YOU create the health that you’re looking for.

Dr. Arjan works with people, like you, over a 6 week introductory period to find the areas of imbalance in your life and bring them to your awareness. Working as a team, you’ll make changes to increase your quality of health and vitality.

Steps to Make an Appointment

  1. Complete Questionnaire Forms

Appointments are made by you first downloading and filling out the questionnaire forms, sending them via email or fax to our office.

2. Call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Arjan. You and the doctor will discuss your case to determine if working together is a good fit. Dr. Arjan doesn’t accept all cases.

3. Once you’ve both agreed that you will work together, payment of $3000 is expected before you start. Our office will send you the contract to be signed prior to making your first appointment.

4.  Dr. Arjan can review any medical records you have including radiology reports, lab work, doctor’s notes, and any herbs/supplements that you’re taking prior to your first appointment. Please email those to: [email protected]

5. Schedule your first appointment online at

6. Schedule your next 5 weeks of  30 minute-long appointments.

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