What People are Saying


Curious to know what people think about Dr. Arjan? Here are a few recent testimonials…

Five Star / A+ rating/ 10 out of 10 ( 10 being the highest)- Dr Arjan is all of these and more! She has helped me on so many levels. I came to her with extreme sciatic pain, hardly able to walk, and certainly not able to function well. Through her cranio/ sacral treatments, Dr Arjan has been able to diminish my pain ( and frustration), and I am once again able to start enjoying my retirement. Her compassion and expertise have brought me back to much better health in many ways. I feel that the experiences I’ve had with Dr Arjan have been wonderful, and I am so grateful to her. Not only does she care about me as a PATIENT, but also as a PERSON, which is refreshing in and of itself. She truly devoted herself to helping people.

Paulette Wolff

This Course was just what I needed as winter was waning and the hope of Spring Renewal just around the corner! ! I enjoyed taking part in it. It was just the right amount of information, so I was able to finish it all and still am benefiting from it today…..sharing ideas with others as opportunity presents itself! Perfect!

Saranbir Kaur (Sherry Berger)

Dr. Arjan is one of the most compassionate and caring women I know. She’s truly gifted!

Siridyal Kaur

I have been suffering from swollen legs especially on the left leg and minimal on the right, and I have tried everything even medical assistance… then I got your newsletter and it has helped the circulation…. It’s working! The swelling is going down, and I have removed all dairy from my diet and don’t eat gluten except on special occasions. I use loads of lentils/legumes and beans for meals and try to minimize meat intake… your advice and suggestions truly work… and I want to say thank you. Thank you for all you do! You are wonderful. Yay! Thank You!

V. C. Roseman

Growing up in the mountainous area of the Northeast, I was an active winter sports fanatic in the first four decades of my life. I involved my body in several significant injuries, inclusive of several injuries from skiing, skating falls, hard bumps and severe bruises while on the Olympic Luge team hopefuls for ’88, as well as my share of auto incidents. As a result, I had explored several different pain treatment modalities with only limited ‘minimal’ temporary relief. Out of desperation, I sought out alternative treatment beyond alternative treatments. It was then that I discovered, researched, and became a loyal believer and user of cranial sacral therapy over the past 3 1/2 decades. I believe that one of the hardest parts for new potential patients is understanding what the heck it is and why it isn’t instantaneous in terms of benefit (our typical cultural demand), and moreover, how it works with all the subtle body systems that are influenced by treatments, understanding that the effects can take several hours or even days to experience the benefits. Once this is learned, instead of anticipating (or demanding) that there will be instant healing, the new patient will be come committed to the treatments, and become gentler with our bodies. One of the primary beauties is that the cause-and-effect relationships are all intrinsic and gentle, natural biological processes we all have residing in our bodies. They just require an awakening, and a tuneup to facilitate this amazing self healing process.

Dr. Arjan is one of the most truly gifted practitioners of cranial sacral I have ever experienced. Having witnessed a stroke event in July 2020 in which I obtained a total left side deficit, it has been long and winding road of treatments to retrain many functions of my body. I am extremely grateful and humbled for all I have experienced and found  from the many health disciplines’ talented therapists, of which I hold Dr. Arjan in the highest esteem of all. Thank you for your Gentle Spirit, invoking your broad array of insights and abilities to bring me back to life. Namaste!

Steven B.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the breath meditation you shared. It quickly settles my mental chatter and I can concentrate. With much gratitude.


I think she is amazing as a human and how she has stepped out of the mass craziness that we have been told is normal!

Annah Lockhart

I have had the blessing to work with Dr Arjan for more than seven years. She is truly a healer, her treatments have touched my soul as they heal my body.  In addition to her chiropractic manipulations, her meditative presence and clear intuition have assisted me in clearing old patterns that were creating the physical problems.  I believe that one is healed when they walk into Dr Arjan’s office, and she smiles at you and says ‘I am so happy you are here today’.

Hari Charn K.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Executive

I have had a broken back, hip pain, high blood sugar, and adhesion pain from multiple surgeries at different times in my life. Dr. Arjan has helped me with all of them. If what she does and how she makes people feel could be put into a pill, the world would be a better place. I’m glad she is here, because the quality of my life has greatly improved since she has been a part of it.

Maureen Red Elk

I cannot begin to tell you how much I look forward to your health tip emails. They are extremely useful and provide great insight into natural remedies and all the tools we can find in nature to overcome sickness.

Amra Nawaz

I have degenerative arthritis in my back, hips and knees. In the morning my hip would hurt so bad that I could hardly get out of bed. Since I’ve been using the paste, twice a day, there is no pain in my hip. It has made such a difference in my whole body. Thank you so much!!

Mary Plummer

After one session with Dr. Arjan, my 3-year-old son stopped tripping and falling. Continued treatment brought flexibility and confidence. Watching him run and play freely is an immense relief.