Dr. Arjan’s Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of my practice and the time I give for each and every appointment, it’s VERY difficulty for me to rearrange my schedule at the last minute. This includes even cancellations the day before.

Please keep in mind that, in order for me to keep my fees low, I don’t have a full time front desk person. My assistant works virtually to answer messages and texts but that means that she may not get a cancellation notice until later in the day, which makes it difficult for her to find someone to fill that appointment time. 

I’m working diligently to stay away from the phone so I can focus on bringing you the best quality healing and updated information every time I see you. I prefer using my time and energy to research, learn, study and write to evolve my skills and healing wisdom. It makes it hard when I’m tied to the phone and computer responding to schedule changes.

If you’re not aware of my cancellation policy, please see below. Know that you also read this when you first scheduled for you or your child, but it’s always helpful to have a reminder!

And while I know emergencies arise (it pains me to charge cancellation fees!), please know I have a very small business and it’s important for me to be able to have some idea of what my day will look like. Believe me, somedays what looks like full days the day before, can very easily crumble and shift the day-of. 

It’s YOUR responsibility to remember your appointments. We do everything we can to send out reminders a week before, 48 hours prior, and 24 hours prior. I make you and your family a priority and we hope to have the same respect and prioritization in your lives.


**We require 48 hours notice prior to your appointment to avoid cancellation fees**

If you need to schedule 24 hours prior to appointment, there will be a 50% fee. This is regardless of sickness, injury or emergencies. 

Same day and no-shows will result in full appointment fee. 

Thank you for your understanding and support of my small business!