Happy day everyone! Sending you all cyber hugs.

Today is going to be a really simple, easy post, as I know that ALL of you are still out there working on all of the action items from last week’s post about healthy breasts.

I have a short video for you to get you inspired,


These are your action items for mornings where the best you feel like you can do is to drag yourself out of bed and get yourself to get your coffee:

  1. Bounce up and down 30 times
  2. Take a cold shower
  3. Put on some fabulous clothes

I just did my bounces,  and it totally changed my energy and my writer’s block.  All of these ‘to do’s’ move your energy, move your lymph and get your heart rate up.  I PROMISE you that you’ll feel better after doing even just one of these 3 items.

Let me know how you do and post your comments.

Have a fabulous week! Thank you for being you and for helping to make the world a better place!


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