Are you Listening?

One of the most powerful tools that I’ve found to vastly change my health is to take the time to listen to my own inner voice.  I know this sounds simple, but it is something that, I think, our culture tends to neglect within ourselves. Because there is so much noise going on all around us constantly: companies selling us their goods via Instagram, Facebook,emails, TV, radio programs and billboards, and we have these sounds and images constantly running through our heads, it’s difficult to distinguish what’s coming from our own Inner Knowing, versus what has been planted there by a marketing company.
In this Health Tip, I would like to share with you 3 ways that you can start listening to your own ‘Inner Knowing’.
1.  Listen to your body.  If you are in pain or discomfort, of any sort, this is your ‘Inner Knowing’ telling you that something is not right.  This is your Inner Knowing ‘engine light’ letting you know that you have an imbalance that requires some attention.  Pay attention to these signals. Know that they are not there to be a nuisance, but, rather, to let you know that there is an issue that needs addressing.

2.  Find a quiet place everyday to sit down and listen.  Give yourself 3-11 quiet minutes everyday to just sit and be with yourself without the distraction of your phone, tablet, ipad, etc.  With eyes closed and sitting in a comfortable position, breathe long and deep.  Watch your thoughts as they go by.  Become aware of any physical discomfort or pain you may be experiencing.  Continue your breath and circulate it to any areas of discomfort that you have.

3.  Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings in your body.  When you start practicing feeling….and I mean really feeling… your body and mind will begin to show you more, and, even better, will begin to show you the layers of what may be the source of the discomfort and may even start giving you ideas of what tools you can use to help heal the issue. The more you practice this, the stronger your Inner Knowing will ‘talk’ to you.

You may have guessed that I am talking about intuition here.  I’ve found that, the more I listen to what my inner voice is telling me and the more I acknowledge it (even if I’m not sure that I’m always right), the stronger it speaks to me.  We all have this ability, this gift.  We have just been conditioned to not listen to this and to listen to everything else around us and seeing that as being more important.  It’s that ‘use it or lose it’ idea.  The more we use our intuition, the stronger it becomes.  And when we have faith in our own Inner Knowing, we find ourselves empowered to make decisions that we feel really good about.

Thank you all so much for your love and support!  I am so grateful to all of you for making the world a better place through your intention and practice.

I hope you all are enjoying the joy of the season,

Dr. Arjan

My Challenge to You

Practice the 3 tools offered above to start your practice of developing your intuition.  Practice listening, sitting quietly, and acknowledging for 3 days. During the 3 days, notice what comes to you and write it down.  After the 3 days, consider any changes you feel in your own inner voice and your own sense of power.

I would love to hear from you and your experience with this!  I feel so strongly about this tool and hope that you find your own ‘inner voice’ with this practice, as well.

Also watch the above short video here where I’m talking about listening to that inner voice, as well.  Enjoy!

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