Whew….crazy times we’re living in! I hope you’re able to keep your center during this time, so as to navigate life with as much grace as possible.  

I’ve had the idea of what I’ve wanted to share for a couple of weeks, so I’ve actually been working on putting into practice what I’m about to share with you. It’s a bit different than my regular emails, but I feel that this is important, when we’re facing such challenging times. 

The world is going through major changes, as you’ve probably noticed.

These can be viewed as very scary and a reason to hold onto one’s belongings, ways of life, and belief systems, OR one can choose to see them as opportunities to improve the way that we’re living at this time and for our futures. 

I vacillate between minor fear (to be completely honest) and gratitude that the dark is coming out into the light. I know that moving into the light is ALWAYS the best way to live, so I’m choosing to move away from any fears that arise, acknowledge why they’re coming up, and then choose love and compassion instead. 

One can choose anger, hatred, contraction and fear, OR choose love, light, expansion and compassion ( I know, I know….woowoo-new-age-y-words….but I find that it’s true).

I’ve found, with myself personally, that love softens the heart, moves us into a place of reception, and allows us to have an actual conversation that can lead to understanding and healing.

Anger, on the other hand, tends to lead to more contraction, shame, negativity, and even more anger.

I was recently watching an interview with a lady….one that I was really interested in hearing about her story. After about 5 minutes, the fire that I felt from her, didn’t inspire me to feel like I wanted to continue to be a part of that conversation.

As a contrast, I was watching the same interviewer, 2 weeks later, interviewing another lady, talking about the same subject, yet this time, the interview-y was coming from a very different place. I could feel her loving heart, compassion emanating through her words, the teaching and sharing that she delivered in her interview drew me in and made me want to be a part of that conversation. I wanted to understand what she had to share and to take notes on what I could improve in my own life and communication and attitude to help make life maybe a little better for myself and those around me. 

The first interview helped to mirror, for me in my own life, how I would like to communicate with others. While the lady in the first interview had every right to feel angry and passionate about her subject, I personally didn’t feel uplifted and inspired or even like I belonged there.

As a result, I decided that, for me, in my own communications, I wanted to start a new habit of staying in a place of heart, with a little bit of fire, if needed, and inviting people to be a part of possibly new way of thinking, without them feeling judged, shamed, humiliated.  

I’m currently committed to that practice.

This means that I must stay in my center and continue to check in with myself to see how my energy is flowing within and without. I self-assess, almost second-by-second, to identify if I’m blasting the person or people in front of me with my idea of what they ‘should’ be doing. Am I staying calm and relaxed while sharing with others? Am I inviting them into a conversation rather than ‘shouting’ my message at them from a place of frustration and anger?

These are the rules that I’m practicing for myself to try to do better and invite you to consider the same: 

  • Assume the person in front of you is trying their very best
    • I don’t know anyone’s full story. I have no idea what they’ve been through or how far they’ve come on their path. I’m choosing to assume that every person is doing their absolute best in this life. 
    • When I assume they’re doing their best, I can honor them with compassion, and also allow myself the space to not take it personally
  • The other person is me.
    • If the person that I’m interacting with is triggering me negatively (or postively), there’s some frequency that I’m resonating with, somewhere in my subconscious. 
    • Whether I’m angry due to their words or actions, there’s something within me that needs some work.
    • I’m choosing to thank that person for helping me see where I still need work and to go back and figure out where I can make some improvements.
  • Choose love
    • Love softens, anger hardens

If you’re feeling intense feelings remember to:

  • Breathe deeply
  • Pause
  • Wait to respond
  • Remember that there is a human being on the other side (ESPECIALLY WITH SOCIAL MEDIA). If you were face to face with that person, would you say the same words that you’re typing from the safety behind your computer
  • Breathe some more before responding
When you’re feeling stressed, depressed or overwhelmed, practice this simple meditation to bring joy and calm to your life. I suggest listening to Manpreet Kaur’s ‘Ajai Alai’
I’m demonstrating here for about 3 minutes but you can practice on your own anywhere from 5-31 minutes and feel the calm and sweetness

All along this journey, we all have the choice in how we’re going to respond. Believe me, I go through anger, frustration, disempowerment, misunderstanding on a regular basis. And sometimes I get thrown for a loop when things spiral downhill, but I’m learning to reel myself in. I’m teaching myself to take care of my energy so that I can respond to what’s going on around me in ways that can, hopefully, create peace for both myself and the world around me. 

I invite you to ‘practice peace’ wherever you can, as well. Peace begins within and we can only create the world that we want to see by starting with ourselves. 

If you’re looking for some tools to help calm and nourish your system during these trying times, I welcome you to join me for my weekly, live Facebook class 10:30 MST every Tuesday. 

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