I would say that a good 80% of my clients that I see in my practice have some variation of what I call ‘dysfunctional’ digestion.  This ranges anywhere from Constipation to Irritable Bowel Syndrome to Acid Reflux.  The list goes on: bloating, gas (upper and lower intestinal gas), indigestion, acid reflux, heart burn, gallbladder pain, and poor absorption.  Most of the people are on some type of allopathic medication to stop the symptoms or at least to decrease the symptoms.  Other people sleep propped up on a pillow to sleep at night because of the acid reflux.  Some people avoid certain foods to avoid the symptoms that they are experiencing while other people eat whatever they want but feel badly afterward: bloating, gas, fatigue, heartburn, reflux, but then take their medication for the symptoms.

What I want you to understand is:
1.   None of the above symptoms are normal.
2.   The allopathic medications that you take will never, and I mean never, heal the offending symptom.
3.  Once you start taking the medication, you will have to take that for the rest of your life, if you want the symptoms to stay at bay.
4.  You can be symptom-free and enjoy your life without pain and discomfort.

There are many home remedies that you can try first to help heal your digestion.  The key word here is ‘heal’.  Why the allopathic medications are ineffective is because they do not heal your body, they only change your chemistry while you are taking the pill, so once you stop, the chemistry reverts back to it’s dysfunctional state.  I would like for you to start looking into the ways that you can actually heal your body, which, of course, takes more effort on your part and will often times be a long term event.

For Constipation:

  • Baked apples
  • 1 gallon of water per day
  • 3 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds
  • steamed celery
  • Green chile

For bloating and gas:

  • eliminate wheat and wheat products and/or dairy and dairy products completely from your diet for 5 days
  • Black pepper tea and black pepper sprinkled on food
  • Cardamom
  • Peppermint

Acid Reflux:

  • 1 capful of apple cider vinegar 3 times per day
  • Celery and cucumber juice
  • I have some incredible whole food supplements that work very well on healing this issue
  • Craniosacral Therapy

General Digestive Support and Healing:

  • Stop eating before you feel full
  • Chew your food!  Your stomach does not have teeth.
  • Rest after every meal.  Ideally, lie on your back and completely relax for 11 minutes after every meal.
  • Drink water before you eat.  Do not take in liquid while you are eating; the liquid dilutes the stomach acids.
  • Eat in a relaxed, calm environment and do not hurry while eating.
  • Take long, deep breaths after eating for 1-3 minutes.

In addition, I have several protocols that I use to help support all kinds of digestive difficulties.  If you are having trouble, I am happy to set up an appointment with you to discuss your health concerns and options that I can offer to support you.

My Challenge to you:

Choose one of the above mentioned items to support your digestion and continue that for 1 week.  Keep a journal of how you feel along the way.  Have fun!

Notice: None of the above information is to be used in place of your regular healthcare provider’s advice.  Please consult your doctor before altering any of your medications.

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