In light of recent tragic events in France and around the world I wanted to take the opportunity this week to reflect on how this particular act is affecting our world, our country, our communities and our own sense of self.

I was sitting doing my morning yoga and meditation Saturday morning and wanted to take a quick peak at today’s Facebook posts, which I often do …. it’s like my brain candy.  I immediately started seeing posts about France, so I looked further and found that there had been several terrorist attacks around Paris. I am a total Francophile, and I love tout le chose Francais, so this especially touched me.  In addition, I just dislike senseless acts of violence and killing.  It does exactly just that: instills terror into people that stretches to all corners of the world.

My initial reaction was fear (what does this mean for myself and my friends and family, who are also Sikhs), sadness for the Muslim community, and anger at the group who is doing this.  I notice, with myself, but I think that most people feel the same way, is that I go to that place of fear, anger, and that feeling of ‘what does this mean for our future’? As an individual who appears different from most people, and as someone who feels for others, I consider that the Islamic community, world wide is suffering also.  They are targeted by that fear and anger also.  When these acts occur, there is a wave of this feeling of shock and anger that goes through the world.

What is my role to play in all of this? I don’t want to live in fear or anger or hatred.  I know that these feelings are not only destructive to me and those around me, but it ripples out into the world and the collective consciousness. I know that we are all a collective consciousness, and that, when I feel something I am contributing to that collective consciousness, for better or for worse.  While I know that my actions have no direct effect on what goes on in Paris or how these terrorist groups go about their business, but what I do have power over is how I am going to respond to my feelings and what actions I am going to take or not take.  I do know, for sure, that if I am angry and afraid and full of anger, that it will affect my thoughts and actions and that energy will ripple out into the rest of the world and will perpetuate that feeling.  Conversely, I know that when I stay in my center and remain peaceful, loving, kind and maintain my innocence, it allows others to do the same.

I do this through: Conscious thought, Lots of meditation and Creating uplifting environments around me that reflect the feelings that I want to create

Conscious Thought

When I feel angry, hurt, frustrated, I consciously work through these thoughts and go to the root of why I feel that way. No one can make me feel anything unless I allow it.  If I feel negative emotions, it’s because I choose to feel them.  I can also choose to feel positive.  It’s easy to go into a negative spiral. It takes effort and practice to choose joy, peace, and forgiveness


I am sharing with you a short, easy meditation where you can use your breath to calm your thoughts and let go of negative emotions.

View Full Instructions for the Meditation

Optional Music (Narayan Shabd) by Ajeet Kaur. Available for download from:  iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Free Stream at: Youtube or SikhNet

Uplifting environments

I very consciously organize my home and office in a way that brings me a sense of calm, coziness and peace.  I keep my environments clean, beautiful and light so that I can stay inspired and uplifted.

3 Things You Can Do

1.  When you feel: angry, scared, or  frustrated, consider breathing deeply and, with every exhale, release those feelings.  Know that they are just feelings and that you don’t need to react to them. Responding is better than reacting.
2.  Practice meditation and staying in your center 3-11 minutes per day, everyday
3.  Uplift your environments. Something as simple as a plant, picture of your guide or spiritual teacher, uplifting and inspiring quotes on your desk or walls will remind you to smile, breathe, and to live in your higher place.

My Challenge to You

When negative thoughts and feelings arise in you, just notice them.  It doesn’t mean you have to act on them.  Just notice, breathe and let them go. Negative thoughts are usually our way of bringing up issues that we have to work on.  Practice a technique that you already know to move the energy or practice the meditation that we’ve presented in this email.
And, please share this information with your friends and family.  Now is the time to connect and inspire each other to work for healing the planet.  And, if you have techniques that work well for you to relieve stress and negative emotions, please share with all of us.

With big hugs and wishes for glorious health for you and your families,

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