I have soooo many exciting health-related gems I want to share with you this week….but from my own personal experience, I know that too much information is overwhelming and that those of us with internet ADD have to take in information in small bytes. So I’m sticking to just one important topic for this week’s email. 

The most pressing issue I’m noticing, globally, is the resurgence of the Delta strain of Covid. I want to go back and address the important things to do to take care of yourself and those you love. 

First off: DON’T PANIC

My Acupuncture friend just shared with me that global pandemics and viruses, especially, breed fear. She said that it’s part of the energetic nature of this virus. If you find yourself feeling fearful, take some deep breaths. Self-soothing talk is uber-important. Remind yourself that you’re strong, healthy, and happy. You’re ok.

Secondly: Take your supplements. Magnesium, Vitamin D, Zinc, Multivitamins, adrenal support and any other immune-boosting herbs are paramount. 

Recently I was in the kitchen cooking with some 20 somethings who had just returned from Mexico. They left behind about 10 other 20 somethings who had tested positive for Covid. The kids who had tested negative came to our house until they had negative tests and could go to their respective abodes. In the meantime, we cooked, talked, laughed and tried to have a fun Independence Day. And, of course, one of the kids that I’d been cooking with tested positive for Covid. 

I never came down with Covid. I was sharing this with one of my patients and she incredulously asked me how I didn’t get sick. While I have no actual data or proof that anything I’ve done or am doing is making any difference at all, I want to believe that everything that I’ve been doing for myself has helped boost my immune system so that I have every chance to stay healthy. I take Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, multivitamins, my adrenal support every single day and have been for the past year and half. I exercise, I laugh, I stay with uplifting people and situations, I eat healthy food (with the occasional coffee, icecream or cookie thrown in there). 

For all of you who aren’t sure where to purchase vitamins and minerals, I highly recommend using Emerson Ecologics. When you purchase through my site, you’ll receive 15% off retail….and you’ll support these blog posts!

This isn’t the venue for me to be pro or anti-vaccine, so please don’t try to stir up a discussion on this with me, as I won’t engage. I believe that everyone should do what they feel good about doing and at the same time, continue to work on building good immunity through diet, lifestyle, supplements, and exercise. And, whether or not you’ve received the vaccine, I would highly recommend that you continue to practice due diligence with your health and well-being.

Thirdly: Find something to laugh about every single day….and maybe multiple times a day

I literally LOL several times a day. Laughing boosts your immunity. During that same weekend when all the kids were here, my daughter read the stats on laughter. All 7 of us spontaneously started laughing and kept it going for about 2 minutes. And as you’ve probably seen in youtube videos, once you start with everyone, even if it’s fake, it becomes real. 

I watch ‘The Office’ and ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ and anything else that makes me laugh, has no stress and I know how it’s going to end. I laugh everyday. Whatever you can find, make a point of getting a good laugh in. A good SNL skit? ‘Dude Dad’ and their skit on Target Dads? Whatever delights you, partake in it.

Fourthly: Stay tuned into Your Personal Truth

In these crazy times, it’s really easy to get sucked into panic, fear, hate, despair…..you name it, there’s a negative emotion out there to fit. 

I would like to encourage you to take time every single day to sit quietly. Find your spot where there’s no noise, no interruptions, no phone and just sit. Close your eyes. Breathe long and deeply. Find your own center. Find your own inner voice. Listen.

I’m in the middle of reading Arianna Huffington’s On Becoming Fearless where she talks about how overwhelmed we are by media, news, our culture’s influence. All of this noise seeps deeply into our subconscious, and then it’s hard for us to extricate which thoughts our truly ours and which ones are other people’s influence. 

When you dig deep and really start listening, you’ll hear your own personal truth. When I do this, when I get really still and quiet, I’m usually hearing something that’s entirely different than the conversation going on around me. We’re all unique individuals who have our own truths to share and to live by. Make sure you’re taking that time for yourself everyday.

Here’s my personal alter space where I sit, elevate my energy and my vitality every day….sometimes twice a day

…..and lastly: Keep making yourself a priority. Go to your Chiropractor for immune-boosting, happiness and well-being adjustments. Keep your spine healthy to take the stress off of your system. 

Additionally, take a trip to your Acupuncturist and massage therapist to keep your lymph moving, your muscles soft and supple and your energies balanced. And there are so many other amazing body-workers out there who can help elevate your sense of vitality and well-being.

Dr. Amy discusses a selection of peer-reviewed published neurology and physiology research that explains how chiropractic care improves health and function.

My Challenge to You this week

Find your supplement and herbal routine that works for you.

Remember that our food supply is largely depleted of vitamins and minerals that we require to build up our cells,muscles, tissues. 

Taking supplements are a good adjunct to a healthy, whole foods-based diet. 

Again, you can set up an account with Emerson Ecologics and get 15% off retail when you order through me

And lastly, if you’ve not been in for a tune-up recently, come on in! Either in Albuquerque or Espanola


Thank you for taking the time to increase your personal growth. What keeps me inspired to continue these emails, is you. I love getting the feedback from all of you, that you’re continuing on with your wellness journey, and that I get to be a part of that.

I love being a conduit for information that I learn and get to pass onto you so that we, together, can continue to make the world a more healthy, whole and balanced place for all beings. 

In healing, Dr. Arjan

Dr Arjan Khalsa

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