Our foods are depleted. We’re not getting what we need from our food, even if you’re amazing at eating kale and zucchini everyday!

Soils are depleted, foods sit in shipping containers and in the store for days, if not weeks, and with every day, lose the essential vitamins and minerals.

Even someone like me, who knows what and how much I SHOULD be eating, doesn’t get enough of what I need. I just don’t eat enough fruits, veggies, nuts and beans to get all of the nutrition to rebuild and repair my cells and tissues. I mean, as much as I want a butter croissant to count as nutritional content … it just doesn’t!

That’s where supplementation comes in. 

The most recent conference I attended reminded me, yet again, about the importance of vitamins and minerals to rebuild our tissues. Without those nutrients you can stretch, meditate, get adjusted, and exercise ‘til the cows come home, but it’s actually going to deplete your body with little to no help of repair.

Joint degeneration? Without good nutrients, the cells that rebuild the connective tissue have very little to work with. What’s worse is those joints aren’t essential to your survival, so your body is going to shunt those nutrients to life-giving organs. And when there’s ongoing and even generational depletion, organ cell/tissue regeneration becomes subpar. And guess what? The organs don’t have what they need and will start having problems.

I know this sounds over-simplistic and may even sound like “duh, of course I know this, Arjan”, once you see it in writing. My hope is that it IS simplistic and easy to understand … and that it really hits home with you.

I hope it inspires or re-inspires you to, at the very least, take a really good multivitamin. Vitamins from big-box stores tend to be chemically synthesized and not food-based. I don’t recommend those. Save your money and eat a carrot everyday instead if that’s what your plan is.

For those of you who would like to get the best possible nutrition, this is the site I use to get all of my family’s nutrient support. I highly recommend ordering through Fullscript! 

Always in healing,

Dr. Arjan

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