My family and I recently returned from a beautiful trip to Africa where we got up close and personal with baby elephants in the David Sheldrick Rescue Center, took a nature walk with Massai Warriors, played kickball with some village preschool kiddos, did yoga on the beach on Manda Island, Kenya and ate pineapple from street vendors in the Ivory Coast….I have pictures for you below to get a little feel of our most heart-opening trip.

As we made the long journey home, I thought about how you can stay healthy for your upcoming travel, whether you’re visiting family for the holidays, taking a work trip, or simply enjoying an adventure

My top travel tips for staying healthy are:

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink water the day before you travel, take your own water bottle on the plane so you can fill up in the airport, and stay away from caffeine because it flushes out the water from your body and taxes your kidneys. I also pack lots of my own tea bags. I find that herbal teas help keep me balanced and vital during travels.
  2. Move. If you can, get some exercise the day before your travel and then walk and stretch as much as you can on the day of travel. Sitting for hours in a car or on a plane will make stiff joints even more stiff.
  3. Eat healthy. Either pack your own food or be choosy when purchasing your nourishment on the road. Choose fruit, nuts and wholefoods instead of burgers, sodas and doughnuts to keep your immune system strong.
  4. And lastly, for the health of the planet, might I invite you to start travelling with your own small cloth towel (for general spills and to dry my hands instead of all the paper towels), re-usable strawcoffee cup and utensils? I’ve been doing this and love, love, love being able to reduce the amount of waste that I produce while I move around our beautiful planet.



I look forward to hearing about what you do to keep your health in tip-top shape while you travel!  I thought about all of you a lot while I was travelling and happy to be back, helping to share tips to keep you all and your world healthy and happy!

Yours in health and beyond,
Dr. Arjan Khalsa

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