Happy Monday!

I hope you’re off to a great week…..and if you’re not, that’s ok, too. Sometimes life throws us a curve, and taking the time for acknowledging those tough or unpleasant times are just as important…to slow down, feel what you’re feeling, and acknowledge the pain or the loss and be truly present with yourself. 

I’ve been practicing Chiropractic and Craniosacral Therapy for going on 25 years now. 

I still have to chuckle when I have a patient quietly ask, while they’re on my treatment table, what it is that I’m doing…. and this while I’m holding their head gently in my hands and rocking it quietly back and forth as I treat what I’m finding.

And I love it that some of you have been coming for decades and still don’t totally understand what I’m doing, but you love it enough to continue…and to send your friends and family so that they can have the same experience.  What you know is that you get up from my table feeling more relaxed, that you’re standing straighter, that you’re breathing more deeply, and that you’re feeling less pain. 

While I love that you love it and you’re feeling better, I’d also love for you to understand WHAT it is that we’re doing, while we’re working. If you’re on board, you’ll feel that empowerment of knowing how your body works and how we’re affecting your systems to be able to heal and adapt to the information that comes into your environments. 

All these years, the concept of ‘the subluxation’ is both incredibly simple, while at the same time effects an incredible amount of bodily functions that are critical for not only vitality but for life, itself. 

Simply put, a subluxation (which is what we Chiropractors look for and adjust) is a bone that’s moved out of it’s natural alignment and is causing inflammation in the joint and compromises the blood and nerve flow to and from the body on its’ way to the brain. You’ll learn in the video below, that this compromised nerve and blood flow will effect stomach, heart, muscle, intestinal function. It effects how you feel emotionally and mentally. It effects your mental focus. It effects your energy level and it effects your quality of life. 

I highly encourage you to watch this video recording of a Chiropractor who was previously a Biochemistry Harvard researcher as she dives deeply into the function of the brain, nervous system, and the spine as it relates to health.

Dr. Amy discusses a selection of peer-reviewed published neurology and physiology research that explains how chiropractic care improves health and function.

My Challenge to You this week

Watch this video


If you want to give your body every chance it can to heal, continue self-educating and find what resonates with you and do it.

Doing nothing usually doesn’t get you very far.

Doing the same things that aren’t propelling you forward, usually don’t get you very far.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something new. 
Look with fresh eyes
This is one of those opportunities to learn something new. 

And lastly, if you’ve not been in for a tune-up recently, come on in! Either in Albuquerque or Espanola


….and I know, if you’re reading these emails, it already tells me that you’re searching for new possibilities, so congratulations!

My opportunity is to continue introducing you to new concepts and possibilities. Not everything will resonate with you, but that’s ok! Just keep moving…..just like Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ sang…”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”. I literally sing that to myself.

Just remember that you’ve got this! Keep swimming!

In healing, Dr. Arjan

Dr Arjan Khalsa

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