I know, it sounds crazy, but this a true science.  I have been doing this for years, and I love it. It’s a great way to wake up and strengthen your nerves for those extra tough days! Here is how it goes…..

First thing in the morning, before you even enter the shower (or, if it’s really too hard for you, later in the day is fine, too… I will tell you why it’s best to do it first thing in the morning later):

  1. Get a dry brush and brush your entire body,  always moving toward the heart.
  2. Get some pure almond oil and rub that over your entire body.
  3. Then put on some long underwear or shorts to cover your thighs (this is where your Calcium balance is maintained).
  4. Then with fists, gently pound on your thighs, arms, legs, on your kidneys, your lower abdomen, tap your chest where your thymus gland is (just under your sternum,  stimulating your immune system), and your thyroid at your throat.

Here’s where you get into the shower and turn on the cold water. With this, there is a specific regimen that you do to stimulate your Lymphatic System:

  1. Start with your feet and hands, rubbing the whole time, then move up to your arms and legs.  Spend about 30 seconds to a minute doing this.
  2. Turn off the water, continuing to rub your body for about 30 more seconds.
  3. Go back into the cold water with your feet, hands, arms and legs, then begin to move up into your thighs, upper arms repeating the previous instructions.
  4. Now, move your abdomen, chest, neck and face into the water, paying more attention to the area of the breasts and lymph under the arms.  Let the water run onto your neck, your face (the ultimate facial) and onto your ears (stimulating all of auricular Acupuncture points).
  5. Lastly,  let the water hit your entire spine to bring circulation to the muscles and nerves around it.  Continue this until you actually feel warm (yes, it does happen!).

Once finished, get a big, fluffy towel and rub yourself down completely and dress in some warm clothes. You should be feeling pretty amazing by now.

Links for other oils:

Lavender Oil This oil is calming and rejuvenating

Cedarwood Oil Stimulating and cooling

Rest and Relax Oil For sore muscles

Narayan Oil isn’t for rubbing into all of your skin for cold showers, but it is FABULOUS for achy joint and muscles.  I put it on any areas that are stiff or sore, before I do my cold shower.  I love this stuff and sell it like hot cakes at my office.

Why would you want to torture yourself like this first thing in the morning? 

  • Cold water stimulates blood circulation and acts as a ‘roto rooter’ for your smallest blood vessels.
  • It cleans out all of the toxins from the blood and organs.  You may actually feel the need to expectorate while doing your cold shower.  This is normal.  Most of the toxins will come out from your lungs.  This is why it is best to do first thing in the morning: we accumulate a lot of toxins while we sleep, and whatever we can do to eliminate those first thing in the morning will help our body heal throughout the day.
  • Our teacher, Yogi Bhajan, says that if you can face the fear of entering the cold water every morning, you can do anything…. and I’m finding that to be true! This is actually the way I talk myself into getting into that cold chamber.

My Challenge to You: 

Try taking a cold shower first thing in the morning for 7 days.  See how you feel compared to just rolling out of bed and moving on with your day. I promise, you are going to feel amazing!

For Ladies: Do not take cold showers while you are on your monthly cycle.  It’s too tough on your body.

Sending you good vibes and courage for trying this!

Dr. Arjan

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