love my dad. He was and still is a really, really good dad. He told me I could do anything I wanted to in life, as long as I committed to it and worked hard. He gave me the confidence to go out into the world and to be who I am, without apology. From that start, I’ve always had good relationships with men, and I appreciate that gift that he gave me. I know that the base that we start with when we’re children, gives us our feelings we have about the world and how we fit into it.

I appreciate all of the good men in the world. Those guys who work hard for their families, who provide, while still taking time to love their wives, their children by spending time with them, talking with them, problem-solving and working to make the world a better and safer place.

I’d like to honor all of the dads and good men out there by offering some really great yogic tips for keeping your energy and stamina strong to keep up with all of life’s challenges. Because, I know, just like moms, you carry a lot on your shoulders, as well. You get tired, cranky just like us and can use a break and support along the way, as well.

It’s just as important for you to take time for yourself every day to nurture your body, mind and soul so that you can keep up with life’s challenges and meet them head-on with positivity and grace.

6 Yogic Tips for Men to Stay Calm, Centered, Happy and Healthy

  • Drink Yogi Tea. This helps to strengthen and maintain your nervous system so that the daily grind and stress won’t affect your health as intensely.
  • Drink Golden Milk. A daily cup helps to cleanse the kidneys, strengthen your nervous system, and helps prevent arthritis
  • Sleep facing east or west. This helps to alleviate stress from the earth’s magnetic field.
  • Fatigue busting food…. blend orange juice, half a banana, and pinch of black pepper.
  • Create a regular, daily practice for yourself. Having a time and place just for yourself to sit, breathe, and reflect on your thoughts and feelings helps to center your mind and body, while relieving stress from the day. One kriya that I can recommend that was taught by Yogi Bhajan is the ‘Kriya for Self-Love’. This demonstration is offered by Spirit Voyage. You can follow along right with it….. a great practice to start with.
  • Avoid regular intake of coffee and alcohol. Both of these over-stimulate the nervous system, congest the liver, and activate cortisol levels. In each of these scenarios, long-term, regular use of these eventually lead to burn out and can contribute to anxiety and depression.

I hope you all enjoy the men in your life and honor them in any way that you can….give them a foot rub, take them out for a bike ride, or make them a Yogi Tea frappacino (blend Yogi Tea with ice, milk, a bit of maple syrup, and a frozen banana for a cool treat) to help say ‘I love you’.

I thank all of the wonderful, beautiful men in the world. Thank you for being good dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and friends. Thank you for being good mentors to our boys and to our young men. We need more love and care in the world, so thank you for spreading it.

Yours from hot but beautiful New Mexico,

Dr. Arjan

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