The Power of the Word

My friend turned me onto ‘the Word‘ a couple of years ago and how important it is.  It’s in the Bible: “In the beginning, there was the Word and the Word is God“.  In Spiritual practices for thousands of years, this concept has been taken very seriously.  It’s something we may have forgotten in more recent times, but it is still every bit important as it was 2,000 years ago.

I love the work of Japanese Physicist Dr. Masaru Emoto.  He was featured on the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” several years ago, and I was so inspired by his beautiful work, that I bought one of his books to have in my office for my patients to look at.  I show it to my kids, and I look at it periodically to inspire myself about the power of ‘The Word‘.

His book is called ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’.  Basically, he has taped words or played music for a period of time in his laboratory with test tubes of water and then, after that set amount of time, he looks at the water crystal formations under the microscope.  What you see is utterly amazing.  It is a beautiful, unseen world, to the naked eye.  And,  what you see with the microscope is a crystal-like formation that has been exposed to the word ‘Thank you’ or ‘You are beautiful’.  In contrast, there is a misshapen blob of a water molecule shown when exposed to the words ‘ugly’ or ‘you disgust me’.

What this tells us, is that the positive, uplifting words that we speak, even our thoughts, can change the molecular structure of our bodies (because we are composed of 85% water), the bodies of others, the water that we drink, and even the earth’s bodies of water.  Vast changes can be made with just our words.  Conversely, ill spoken, negative, hurtful words changes our own cellular structure, the cellular structure of those around us, the food that we eat, and the water that we drink, into something that doesn’t have the same beauty and vibration.

I like knowing this because it helps me feel that I am empowered.  I like knowing that, with just a kind word spoken, I can make a difference for myself, the water ( because our water, folks, has been polluted to the extremes), and for others.  Another one of his books, Water Crystal Healing, is another beautiful book to uplift and inspire through words and water.

I encourage you to look up his work and see for yourself what he has found. You will truly be inspired.  There has been so much done to help heal the earth’s waters through prayer, chanting and meditation. I’ve attached a link below of a little Youtube video of some of his work.  It’s fascinating.

And, lastly,  here is a link here of a recent study done by Dr. Emoto that he conducted with rice in water.  Also, amazing.  He demonstrates the difference between a jar of rice being thanked everyday versus a jar of rice being told everyday that it was a fool, and, lastly, a jar that was completely ignored.  Really interesting findings.

My Challenge to you:


Practice speaking words that uplift yourself and those around you for 1 day and watch and see how you feel as well as how those around you respond to your words.

Have fun, and may you always feel loved, blessed and held.

Dr. Arjan Khalsa

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