How often do you hear your alarm in the morning; turn on the bedside light; and jump straight out of bed?  This is very hard on our Nervous System and adrenals. 

An alternative to waking up is this:

Light & Your Eyes – Before turning on the light, open your eyes and let them adjust to the light for a few minutes.  If you need to turn on the light, place your flattened palms over your eyes.  With your eyes open, staring into your palms, slowly raise your hands away from your eyes.  This allows your pupils to slowly dilate and adjust to the light & protects your eyes.

Cat Stretch – Bend one knee up to your chest and swing it across the front of your body to touch the bed on the opposite side; then do the same thing with the other knee. Twist and turn and bend to the maximum. This is good for your circulation and for the nervous system. You can do other stretches as well. Stretching first thing in the morning is a major factor in helping you go through the day balanced and calm.

Once you put your feet on the floor, really connect with the ground by feeling your feet. 

Water – After brushing your teeth, drink 8 oz. of water before drinking anything else.  This flushes the liver and kidneys from any toxins that have been built up over the night.

My Challenge to You

Try this routine, or any part of it for a week and see if you feel any more relaxed during the day!

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