What is a positive affirmation? This probably sounds like one of those ‘woo-woo-New-Agey’ things, but hang in here with me for a few minutes…. I’ll get you through this, and, I promise, it’s not a New-Agey thing!

What is an ‘affirmation’?

It’s basically a statement affirming your beliefs about yourself and the world.

What we think and speak becomes our own, personal belief system, which, leads to who we are and what we become.

If we think and continue to tell ourselves that we are sick, tired, and not very smart and we have no money, then our belief becomes all of the above.

The power of affirmations, when repeated throughout our days, weeks, months and years, is that we believe whatever it is that we are telling ourselves… for better or for worse.  We are what we think about, talk about and believe about ourselves and the world around us.

For most of the world, we think and believe what those around us have told us: our parents, siblings, teachers, the media, and our friends.  Whether those words were/are positive or negative and whether we chose to believe those words, shape who we are today.

The good news is that you can change, right now, anything that you no longer wish to believe in.  If there is something about your life that is no longer serving you…. a job, relationship, housing…you have the power, right now, within you, to begin to change your circumstances.

I know this to be true because I have experienced the power of positive affirmations in my own life over and over again.  And what’s interesting is that, often times, although I believed my circumstances could improve, I had no idea how that was going to manifest.  What I did know was that I had a vision for what I wanted my life to be like: a safe ride for my 15 year old to get to school, a pain-free body, energy to enjoy my everyday life.  And with all of these scenarios (which are actual affirmations I created for myself), I had no idea, at the time, how on earth these things would manifest. But, somehow, they all worked out….. Sometimes not in the timing that I was hoping for, but I got there.

My formula:

1. Choose whatever issues I want to improve in my life or see some sort of resolution.

2. Create a statement that positively states what I foresee for myself.

3. Write the positive statement(s) on paper to post on my fridge, bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinet.

4. Read the positive statement/affirmation several times a day.

Yes, it’s that easy.  Your unconscious mind begins to work on your affirmation, immediately. Some of my affirmations manifest within a few weeks, some it takes years.  I don’t give up on what I want, until it manifests.  And, if you say it out loud and with some enthusiasm, all the better!

I’m including a sweet youtube video of a little girl looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, enthusiastically reciting her affirmations. This gives a great look into how to practice your affirmations.

I’m also including the classic book of affirmations to improve your health, Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life by Louis Hayes. You may also enjoy Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes of Physical Illness and How to Overcome Them. These are like a dictionary of health issues, along with the emotion that is possibly associated with it, and then the affirmation to recite to heal that ailment.

My Challenge to You

  • Once you have your affirmation written out ( I usually write it out on a small, nice piece of paper), tape it, pin it, or hang it in a place that is visible to you throughout the day.  You want to see that affirmation often and read it so that you come to see it as real and true.
  • Do this for 7 days and see what happens. Sometimes the energy changes and you feel like you may want to re-write your affirmation, once your circumstances begin to change.
  • I’m also including a bonus download for you. If you’re not quite sure how to get started with affirmations, I’ve created a general one for you to print out and hang on your bathroom mirror.  I encourage you to recite these affirmations 3 times each in the morning and the afternoon while you’re brushing your teeth.

Note: I often times put my affirmations on my fridge. My Father-in-law was over one time and said that he liked looking at my fridge to see what’s going on in the world.  It was kind of a funny thing to say, but it’s true because I put all of my affirmations for myself, my family, and my friends up there.  When my friend wanted a certain piece of land with a peach orchard on it, I wrote that and put it on my fridge.  What I’m trying to convey, is that, if you want this private, you may want to keep it in a special place that only you can see. If you don’t mind that others see it, great…the more positive affirmations, the better! But, just tune in to how you’d like to do your affirmations.

Have fun with this! The sky’s the limit with what you can do with positive talk. You can change your world with this.  Let me know what you’re creating for yourself and your world.

If you’re still reading by this point, I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of you who made your Amazon purchases through my links and for those of you purchasing your turmeric through my links, as well. It helps keep these posts going… and I  LOVE doing them for you!

Lots of love and hugs from beautiful New Mexico, Dr. Arjan

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