Somehow the colder weather has arrived. I definitely was not prepared for this, but, alas, the leaves are on the ground, my sweaters are back in my closet, and we’ve got Yogi Tea on the stove…..and, my front desk has informed me that our patients are asking for immune-boosting herbs.

So I think this is a good time to get you going on foods, spices, herbs and practices to keep you warm and healthy!

Read on and enjoy a cozier, healthier winter! Lots of love and hugs from Northern New Mexico.

1. Stay warm. I know this sounds like kindergarten information, but I still have to say it! Wrap a scarf or shawl around your neck to keep the cold from entering here. In Chinese Medicine, they say that the cold gets into our body through the neck. Additionally, socks and jackets help to regulate your body temperature so that your internal regulator isn’t spending energy warming you up rather than supporting your immune system

2. Stay away from gluten and dairy. I know this is especially hard during the holidays, BUT have you noticed you tend to get more run down and experience colds more during the holidays and after? This usually occurs because of more wheat, sugar and dairy all, of which, over tax your immune system, leading to lower ability to fight viruses and bacteria

3. Sleep. Sleep helps to boost your immune system, regulate cortisol levels, and allows your body to heal and rejuvenate. Eight hours is ideal. If you’re not able to get a full 8 hours, naps are always great to give you a boost during the day.

4. Exercise. Movement gets the lymph going, which is the system that moves out all of the bacteria and viruses. It also increases oxygen, which invigorates the cells. Endorphins produced with exercise helps to keep your mood elevated. 

5. Herbal cocktail for immune boosting. So, if you end up feeling the first touch of a cold try this….since I stopped eating gluten and started taking this, I rarely get a full-blown cold.
  • 1 dropper full Kick Ass Immune boosting support ( I also have this in my office for locals)
  • 1 dropper full Colloidal Silver
  • 1 dropper full Lomatium
Mix all of this with a little bit of juice (because it’s very, very intense tasting) and water and take as needed. I typically will take it all every 1-2 hours until symptoms subside. I also stop EVERYTHING that I’m doing as soon as I can and rest or sleep. Note: long-term use of any of the above-mentioned is not recommended.

6. Ginger lemon tea. I have SO many people rave about the power of this drink. It’s a great immune booster because the lemon is so high in Vitamin C and the ginger helps heat up your body and reduces inflammation. Click the link here for my instructional video.
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