I’ve, personally, gone through this over the past year and have spent a lot of time and energy finding the right mix of holistic help to heal these issues.

Most of us are over-stimulated on a minute-to-minute basis. Traffic, social media, news, carpool, family, finances, relationship issues, busy schedules…the list goes on and on. Because the stress isn’t likely to subside anytime soon, we’ve got to have tools to help us manage the stress so that it doesn’t overtake us.

Stress overload affects our Nervous Systems and over-stimulates our adrenals (the little fight-or-flight glands that sit on top of our kidneys like little hats).

You know you’re stressed when you experience the following:

  • rapid and shallow breathing
  • increase in pulse rate and blood pressure
  • difficulty thinking clearly
  • tight stomach or ‘butterflies’ in the stomach

It’s ok to experience this for a few minutes during the stressful times, but the problem comes when it becomes an ongoing experience. Rapid breathing, difficulty concentrating and high blood pressure are not normal and means that there’s a ‘wrench’ in the works.

When we’re exposed to long-term, low grade stress, one might experience:

  • high blood pressure
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sleeplessness
  • pain
  • digestive issues

I experienced this in a serious way last Autumn after a few months of intensely working, driving kids to orchestra practice, soccer, and 2 different kids in 2 different schools in towns in opposite directions. After 3 months of this, I ended up with heart palpitations, sleeplessness,and anxiety. After about 5 months of trying different tools, I developed this fabulous routine that resulted in me sleeping soundly and deeply all night, back to a regular heart rate, and no anxiety. I wanted to share this with all of you.

Dr. Arjan’s 7-Step protocol for a balanced Nervous System:

  1. Limit your exposure to social media, news and violence in general
    1. All of these can lead to stress and anxiety
    2. Focus on exposure that uplifts, inspires and brings joy
  2. Take 1-2 times out of your day to sit and focus on your breath.
    1. Giving yourself this time will increase your awareness of how your body and mind are perceiving your world,
    2. Practice ‘Box Breathing’: Inhale for a count of 10, hold it for a count of 10, exhale for a count of 10.
  3. Choose the same bedtime every night.
    1. This creates a bio-rhythm for your body that it can count on.
    2. Knowing your ‘bedtime’ allows you to create a daily routine that supports healthy sleep
  4. Support your adrenal health.
    1. This is a really, really important aspect. Most of us have adrenals that are completely overwhelmed and no longer functioning in a healthy way.
    2. My protocol for this is all from Standard Process: Adrenal Tonic, Drenamin, and Cataplex C.
  5. Practice low-impact, low stress forms of exercise.
    1. Nourishing your adrenals and Nervous System= no added stressful activities. This includes bungee jumping, horse back riding, extreme sports, sky diving, and even heavy running. If you’re working on stress and anxiety, these activities you may want to eliminate because they stimulate the ‘fight-or-flight’ response (which is why most of us love doing these things).
    2. Walking, swimming (not surfing or white-water kayaking), yoga, tai-chi are great forms of low-stress exercise.
    3. For those of you who love running or other higher-impact exercises (like me!), know that you don’t have to stay away from these forever. Just take a break until you get your health back under control. Once you’re in a good place, you can resume these forms of exercise.
  6. Make sure you’re taking adequate levels of Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin D
    1. All 3 of these help to relax the muscles and Nervous System
  7. Avoid caffeinated beverages
    1. Even if you’re tired and feel like you need this to stay awake, try switching to exercise and breathing to keep your focused. Caffeine stimulates and pressurizes the adrenals and Nervous System, which is what we’re trying to stay away from.

If this is something that you’re interested in and would like more information, I’m offering a special for the next 2 weeks for you that you can make an appointment with me for a 30 minutes session to discuss your health concerns. I’ll help you come up with a protocol made especially for you to help take your health to the next level. I’ve been working with many of my clients to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, sleeplessness over these past few months, and we’re all feeling so awesome! More energy during the day, improved sleep at night, more mental focus…are just some of the fabulous experiences that we’re enjoying.

One 30 minute session to create a protocol for you, just $45, now through June 7th. Click here to schedule your appointment.  Click on ’45 Minute Follow-up’.

My Challenge to You

Pick 2 of the above-mentioned tips for healing the adrenals. Practice for 40 days. Make it your new, daily habit to support your healing. Keep track of your progress with a daily journal. Remember to write down how you’re feeling at the start of your journey by tracking your symptoms and giving each of them a rating: ‘0’ being ‘no symptom’ and ’10’ being ‘extremely severe’. After starting your new practice, continue to write down your symptoms, giving them a ‘grade’ and noting any positive changes during your 40 days.

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