We talked about the importance of reading food labels last week and about eating food close to its’ source.  This week I’m going to begin talking about specific foods that are helpful for health and healing.  What is important here is to think of food as fuel rather than something to satisfy our hunger and tastes.  

I’ll say that again.. food is fuel for our bodies.  It is important to be conscious of this.  Everything we eat either builds us up and gives us life, is neutral, or actually damages our body’s systems. 

Take kale, for example.  This is one of the most highly nutritious foods you can eat.  It is filled with B vitamins, lutein (eye health), zinc, Vitamins K, C, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium. It has anti-oxidant properties, decreases inflammation, and is believed to have anti-cancer properties.  In addition, it has some protein content and helps to build the blood.  Can a potato chip do all of this?

Someone sent me a link to a beautiful page of foods and their healing properties.  I’m posting the link for you to look at.  It’s very inspiring.

My Challenge to you:
For the next 40 days, choose one fresh fruit or vegetable to add into every one of your meals.  If you would like an extra challenge, try eliminating one food everyday that you feel brings your energy down.  Begin to notice changes in your energy level, any pains you have been experiencing, your mood. 

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