I’ve mentioned in previous emails that food is medicine. I’m going to keep pushing this point with everyone.  We tend to eat for emotional, social, or mental gratification.  We now want to re-orient ourselves into believing that food we eat is fueling our cells and our physiological processes and feeding our mind and soul.

I just came across the quote from Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process whole food supplements dated 1951: "One of the biggest tragedies of civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition.  It’s a substitution of artificial therapy over nature, of poisons over food, in which, we are feeding people poisons to correct the reactions of starvation".

What has been happening over the past 100 years is that we are slowly losing nutrition from our grains, fruits, and vegetables from over spraying with chemicals, over production, and over-hybridization.  In addition, people are not eating the right kinds of foods in the right amounts.  In essence, people are suffering from malnutrition (yes, even in America!) and are many times becoming sick.  We are taking drugs and suffering mostly because we haven’t taken in the sufficient nutrients to keep our bodies running smoothly.  We are seeking medical help for many ailments, for which, the primary cause is lack of proper nutrition.

I’m going to add in a couple of other quotes from some research from Dr. Birnbach.  They found that degenerative diseases are due, in part, to the robbing of food by the processing of foods.  These processed foods use synthetic vitamins made to ‘enrich’ commercial foods.  Our cells go through stress just trying to utilize these unnatural chemicals.  This stress is as much or more difficult to deal with than the emotional stress we encounter daily.  In effect, a large part of our health issues are being caused by the use of pesticides that are extremely difficult for our bodies to process and eliminate.  The other issue is that we aren’t eating foods or taking supplements that give our cells what they need to do their jobs.

My Challenge to You:

If you tend to gravitate toward packaged food (packaged food is processed and preserved with chemicals), find a ‘raw’ alternative.  This means, if you really like frozen burritos, pick one night of the week when you can spend an hour cooking some beans, shredding your own cheese, cutting your own lettuce, making your own salsa.  I know it’s a lot of seemingly extra work, but the effects of your own energy in making something that doesn’t have chemicals in it will feel so good.  I promise.  I spend either Sunday morning or afternoon preparing and freezing food for the week.  I love having my own food to eat.  I feel so much better than eating out of the package.

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