Today, in America, we honor our veterans. I become very nostalgic on this day, not because I love war or guns, but because I grew up on stories of how people have fought, against all odds, to earn the right to live free from the yoke of tyrrany and oppression. 

I read the book Johnny Tremain in my 7th grade History class, which was about an orphaned silversmith apprentice,who went to join the fight with the American Revolutionaires. Since then, I’ve never stopped learning about the American Revolution. I’ve been hooked on learning about people who, even with so little, are able to fight against injustice and are able to emerge victorious, wherever they are in the world. 

My Grampa Winner fought in World War II when he was just a little older than my son. The stories he told me, while quietly smoking his cigarette, have haunted me for decades. My second cousin fought and died in Vietnam. His name is on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, and I saw that when we went there when I was 16. Also unforgettable.

While I pray for the day when the world needs no military, I’m so very grateful to those who have fought, willingly or unwillingly, to serve and protect the freedoms of me and others around the world, both in the past and currently.

If you are military personel or a veteran and you are reading this, I would like to acknowledge you, because it’s hard for me to reach out to you when I see you in the airport or walking along the streets: 

I know that you are away from the people that you love. I know that it’s hard. I know that you’re witnessing unbelievable events. I know that when you’re trying to join ‘the real world’ again, it’s hard and the rest of us don’t understand what you’ve been through. I know that many of you are in physical pain, as well as experiencing so much more than I can imagine. 

I know because I talk to some of you. I read about what some of you have gone through and how it affects your daily life. I know because what affected soldiers from 100 years ago, is still affecting decendants living today. 

If you or someone you know is actively serving or is a veteran, I’d like to offer you a free gift. Please reply to this email, and I would appreciate hearing from you and to offer my time to help support your health.  If you know someone, feel free to pass this along to them, to offer my appreciation.

Feeling grateful this morning. Sending you hugs to wherever you are in the world
Dr. Arjan

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