These past few weeks, I have been dealing with my own health challenges (I like using this term, as it changes my orientation around my health and my journey).  Whenever I experience pain in my body or mind, I have, in the past, gotten frustrated, angry, and even depressed.

In the past few years, I have come to learn that when I am in pain, it is my body or spirit letting me know that I am not in balance with my higher self.  I now look to this as a challenge to find out where I am ‘off’ and how I can get back to that place of alignment.  In addition, I find that, in these journeys that I go on, I am able to help lots of other people along their journeys, as well.

The more mature I become (rather than ‘the older I become’), I find that I go deeper into my spiritual practice, learn more about an ailment, and fine tune my diet and energy expenditure.  I find where I haven’t been paying attention to my body and soul’s needs and start listening again.

This week, I will be sharing with you my experience with the (also note I don’t own pain by using the word ‘my’, I always use ‘the’ instead) pain in my hands currently and what I am doing for it.

I have lots of gems to share with you, so stay with me.  Just giving you some food for thought today.

My love and blessings are with you…