If you’ve been following along on my journey over this past year, you’ve probably noticed some very big life changes occuring for me. 

I look a bit different, I see the world a bit differently, I’ve changed living spaces, and I’m taking some pretty big risks for someone my age and at this point in one’s career.

Some folks would say that these are big, courageous and bold moves…..and I would say ‘yes’ to all of those, and at the same time, they don’t even feel like choices to me and I don’t feel couragous. I feel that change is not only necessary, but it’s vital for living and for growth. 

For each and every one of us, this past year has shown that, even for the most timid of us, that if we’re not going to change our view of ourselves and the world, life can be scary and difficult. The world is changing almost faster than we can comprehend and we must be flexible in those changes and ready for what’s to come. 

One of the biggest challenges I find is to find my own inner voice and to follow it. With SO much ‘noise’ in the world via social media, TV, radio, podcasts, personal conversations, marketers, fear-mongering, etc. it can be really hard to find our own personal truths. 

I’m going to share my little story, and I promise that, if you hang in there to the end with me, I’m going to bring this around 360-style so that you can apply it to your life. 

Around October of last year, my husband and I became clear that it was time to move out of the town that we’d raised our family in over the past 22 years. This home was supposed to be our Forever Home. Our grapevines,that we so lovingly planted, were producing enough grapes to make grape juice. My home office was perfect and that bamboo we planted, when we first moved in, was at the perfect bushiness to cover the light pollution from the street streaming into our bedroom window. 

We had no idea where to move, as we had a lot of requirements: kids, work, liberal community, near water for paddle boarding for me and close to mountains for his biking, good veg food and walking distance to parks and cafes but not so over-priced that we would have to hussle just to pay a higher-than-comfortable mortgage. 

And this was anxiety-provoking for me. I like stability. My home is THE most important thing for me in my life: if my home is cozy, clean and stable, I can move on with all the other life purposes (like creating these emails for you and offering healing for the world).

So, I did what I always do when I have an unanswered question: I read, I listen, I talk, I meditate, I open up to every little message from the universe.

One of my favorite books (that I’ve now read about 5 times since college) is ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho . And the funny thing about this book is that I tend to gift it to people when I see someone in need of its’ wisdom. And then when I need it again, another copy lands in my lap. My friend was cleaning out her books and had 2 extra copies and offered one to me around mid-January. I eagerly accepted and knew that it was ‘that time’ again.

Now if you’re not familiar with this book, the basic premise is that of following one’s heart and its’ connection to ‘The Soul of the World’. My take-away, this time around, was that: when we’re connecting with ‘Our Own Personal Journey’ our whole body lights up. Our heart opens, and there’s a vibration that runs through us. 

I took this and ran with it. Since I really got this concept, I’ve been using this to make every single decision….no exceptions. Whether it’s a person that I’m interacting with or buying a house, I’m feeling everything. This is a difference from the traditional western way of thinking through every single pro and con. While I still weigh out decisions, I still let my heart and body lead me. 

And the crazy thing is, is that this is really working for me. It’s not traditional. It’s not normal. It’s not even necessarily ‘safe’.

When I turned onto the street that would later become our new home, I literally drew in a big breath and a huge smile spread across my face. My whole body lit up. I walked into the house and it immediately felt like home. And it wasn’t rational. This house had been on the market for months, it had obvious flaws to it, it’s about 70 years old, it had been uninhabited for over 2 years and bought by a house flipper. I knew there would be problems with it. Even with all of this going on, I still FELT that this was the right house for our family. 

And now bringing this back around to you and how this might apply to YOUR life is this: this inner voice or intuition or whatever you want to call it, is there for you. It’s like any other muscle that needs exercising and strengthening. When you listen to even just a whisper of it, even if you’re not completely sure if that’s your own personal voice, that there’s something that’s invisibly tugging at your heart….I encourage you to listen to that and just try it out. You don’t have to start with something big like a career change or moving to a new town….just start with something like what to eat for breakfast. What does your body need for fuel this morning? What about meeting up with that friend for tea? Will that light you up and enhance your life’s experience or will it leave you feeling not so great? That might be a good before-and-after check-in for yourself. 

We all have this gift. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t encourage you to use it. And because of that, it becomes quieter and finally will recede into a small place until it’s called on again. But when you’re ready, it’s there and waiting for you. It wants to serve you. It wants you to succeed. It wants you to be happy and in alignment with your own true story. Not my story, not your sister’s story, not the marketers story, not the story they want you to believe on the news. Your personal story is all your own, and when you take the time to feel it, to listen to it, to act on it, it starts to stand up taller and straighter and walk alongside you to help guide you to your own unique adventure. 

Sometimes that adventure may not be conventional, or heck, maybe it is conventional! Who cares! You do you… whatever that looks like. I bet you’ll surprise and delight yourself with the magic that transpires for you….and then let me know! I’d love to hear what little (or big) things happen for you, as you start flexing this ‘muscle’. Or maybe you’re already doing it, and you’d like to share that! If you’d like to share with all of us, feel free to add to the conversation on my Facebook page.

Short interview with Paulo Coehlo and our beloved Oprah and following life’s signs

My Challenge to You this week

Take this week and begin to build that ‘muscle’ of feeling the world around you. Feel your heart, feel your body. 

Do you spontaneously smile?

Does your pulse race either from something that delights you or from something that feels like it might not be supportive to you?

Does your heart open?

Can you act on something, no matter how seemingly small, and see how that turns out for you? 

Try getting ahold of a copy of The Alchemist. A great summer read and see what gems you can pull out of it for yourself

And lastly, if you’ve not been in for a tune-up recently, come on in! Either in Albuquerque or Espanola….or if you’re out in the world and would like a telehealth appointment with me, I’d love to help you along your health journey!


Oh! I almost forgot….stay tuned for details but Deva and I will be teaching a workshop here in Albuquerque at the Nirguna yoga studio on September 11th from 11:15-2:00 followed by a potluck in the studio.

Have a beautiful week, wherever you are in the world! Keep making the world a more healthy, uplifting and kind place by being yourself. 

In healing, Dr. Arjan

Dr Arjan Khalsa

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime free photos

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