First off, This morning I recorded a special “Jump-Start Your Morning” video for you to enjoy. I woke up this morning feeling on fire with excitement and I had my husband grab the video camera to capture that excitement to share with you. I hope it inspires you to wake up easier each morning, as well as set your intentions for your day, and the reality you want to create for yourself.


As most of you know, I’ve launched my first online teaching course this week.  I’m really really excited to share this with you, and it is very dear to my heart because I feel very passionate about bringing life and vitality to the world.  I want to help the world to feel happy, to feel alive, and to feel excited about what the day is going to bring.

I’m just sitting here going over my course materials again for the hundredth time to make sure that the videos are conveying the right messages, that everything is in the right order, and that I have things spelled correctly.  Through watching the videos and reading the materials and re-watching the interviews that I’ve done throughout the course, I’m again reminded about why I created this and why I want you to share in this amazing thing that we’ve created.  I’m even inspiring myself!

If you are on the fence at all about taking the course, I really invite you to just take the leap and do it! Health brings prosperity.  If you make your health a priority, you will attract those resources to help cover the cost of this course. This mentality has never let me down in my life.  The healthier I get (and I’ve been in that place where I had to go to my Chiropractor 5 times in a week because I couldn’t walk, lie down or stand…… I had to spend $500 that week or not go and choose to not work at all, which would have been even worse on my finances).  I’ve prioritized my health over many other things that I could have done, but I know that, if I feel bad, the rest of my life isn’t that fun.

So, I just wanted to send this to you one more time. So what are you waiting for?

Yours in health,

Dr. Arjan Khalsa

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