I am going to offer you some recipes and resources that can help you on your way with going gluten-free. As I said in my last email, it really can be fun!  It’s kind of like entering a whole new world, where your sweets can actually give you nutrients and vitality and your food will sustain you rather than drain you.

I love talking with others, who are going the gluten-free route and hearing what they are doing, which keeps me inspired.  I’m going to give you some of my absolute favorite books, websites, magazines, and recipes here.

By the way, I’m what we call here in America, ‘a foodie’.  I love to eat, to cook, go out to eat, and explore new cuisines.  I’m a vegan (no animal products, though, I do eat honey and wear leather….. it’s not a philosophical choice, but rather a health choice) and I am gluten-free. I prefer not to have refined sugar and, therefore, do not indulge in that at home but have been known to indulge when out in the world.

On the other hand, I am a gracious guest and will eat what my host or hostess serves me, even if it is not on my diet.  I have been taught that food is the fastest way to create beautiful relationships with people, and I always honor people by eating the food that they serve me.  I might sleep for the 3 hours after eating the offending food, but I do partake of what is offered.  I don’t recommend this to you if you are just starting on your health journey, because you are trying to find what helps you and what hurts you.  I actually would recommend eating at home 100% when you are starting off on your diet because there are lots of ingredients that you won’t know about when you are out eating in the world.  You can control your food when you are cooking for yourself.

Bon appetite!  (I am in Paris now, and have found a couple of fun, gluten-free bakeries.  I recommend Helmut Newcake.. we just went there today and some (to-die-for) pastries… it’s going global!

My Favorite Recipes, Books, Journals, and Websites, Oh my!

I will start with the internet first, because I know that all of you have internet access and can quickly start using what these websites offer.

One I’ve been using for about a year is:


On this lovely website you will find Dark Chocolate Brownies, Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies, Zucchini Bread, Pumpkin Cheesecake, along with amazing salads, sides, and main dishes.  I love Karina, the author of this blog, who writes very personally about her gluten-free journey and photographs the foods so beautifully that one just cannot wait to try them out.

I have 2 new favorite websites that I’ve been using lately:


Katie is a super-cute Dallas-ite, who creates adventures in her kitchen to create all healthy, and really yummy desserts.  Everything is vegan, refined sugar-free, and she gives gluten-free directions in all of her recipes. Try this: Breakfast pizza (that she calls ‘Pizzert’), ‘Copycat’ Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (my family went ga-ga over these), and her fun section on ‘Healthy’ Drinks.

And lastly,


I discovered this website through my Pinterest account.
Again, beautiful photos of healthy, clean food and gluten-free goodness in every recipe.

We’ve been using their ‘Chewy Granola with Cranberries and Almonds’.  My husband is so happy to get his granola back!

*Remember that oats are not in-and-of themselves gluten-containing, but, because of the way they are processed with wheat, they are contaminated.  You have to buy oats that are labelled ‘gluten-free’

I’m looking forward to trying their ‘Gluten-free Drop Biscuits’ (forgive me, I’m from the south.. I still love biscuits and gravy, vegetarian, of course!) and ‘veggie fritters’.

Some books that I use regularly are: Clean Food by Terry Walters.  I have recently seen a cookbook that I can’t wait to buy once I am home and have just Googled it.  It’s the ‘Babycakes‘ cookbook series.  This is a bakery in New York City that specializes in gluten-free, dairy free desserts.  In addition to Terry Walter’s book, I have Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World  by dynamic duo Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.  They have 2 great gluten-free cupcake recipes in here and lots of inspiration.

I reference the ‘Living Without’ magazines and ‘Vegetarian Times’ often times to get new, fresh ideas.  I’ve gotten my GF pizza crust recipe from here and lots of good bread and baking recipes.

So, although I said that I would keep this short, it’s not really.  I got a little excited, here.  But, I hope it inspires you to start.  I’m in the planning stages of creating a ‘how-to’ video for those of you who would like to go gluten-free.  And, in my next health-tip, I will write up the promised testimonial from my super star lady in my practice who has turned her health and life around with her diet.

With many blessings for a life full of vitality and joy,

Dr. Arjan

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