Since it’s Valentine’s Week, I wanted to share with you some heart-wise tips for you.

But first, if you haven’t signed up to watch my 3 part mini health course, I invite you to do so by clicking here.  And, if you feel inspired to work with us now, I invite you to join our 5 week ‘Create Your Roadmap to Health and Wellness’.  We have a great group from around the world, and I’m so loving following along with them as they move along their health journey.  You still have time to join us this time around.  

I just want to share some words from one of our participants:
So glad for this opportunity, this is like a vacation for me:) Enjoyed Saturday and Sunday immersing myself in the course and loving it! So beautifully prepared! Thank you so very much for this week’s module on the Breath. I have noticed gentle reminders within myself that I need to focus more on my breath but somehow life gets so busy and we forget to take care of ourselves….grateful for your help with offering this course!”

And onto this week’s health tip…..Heart Health tips

A large majority of my clients have cholesterol level issues, high blood pressure, and some kind of atherosclerosis (hardening of the blood vessels).  And, almost everyone is on 1-3 different medications for those issues.  It’s a really, really big issue on our planet right now, and people seem really confused as to why this is happening and how they can make changes.

Almost everyone has heard to ‘eat less fat’ and ‘exercise’,to help with heart disease and blood pressure but really, what does that mean?

I’m going to break it down just a bit here:

1. There are ‘good’ fats and ‘bad’ fats.

‘Bad’ fats:  fats from red meat as well as corn, soy, and cottonseed oils and margarine.  All of these are the ‘bad’ guys and can contribute to hardening arteries and congesting the liver (which you need clean so that it can do its’ job of converting fat to sugar for the body to use).

‘Good’ fats: coconut, olive, walnut, fish, flax, sunflower, avocado, sesame, and almond oils. These you should be able to eat regularly.  You’ll want to eat plenty of fish, flax and olive oils to help support your connective tissues and blood vessels.

When the blood vessels harden, this is what can lead to higher blood pressure.  If there is restricted flexibility in the blood vessels, the heart has to work harder to pump the blood throughout the body…. which leads to faster heart rate.

2.  Keep the liver cleaned.

Think of your liver as your blood filtration system. It needs regular cleaning to keep filtering the blood from medications, hormones, break down fats, and to clean out all of the chemicals.  Think of your fish tank at home. If the filter is working, it keeps the tank water clean and clear. Once it’s filled with fish ‘gunk’, it backs up and the water becomes murky.

3 things you can do to keep your liver clean:

  1. Master cleanse
  2. Eat steamed carrots and beets
  3. Milk Thistle ….. helps cleanse the liver and, in an article in ‘webmd’, they state that MilkThistle can ‘help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol (the ‘bad’ cholesterol).

3. Practice Long Deep Breathing

One of my all-time favorite-cure-all techniques.  Long deep breathing helps with everything from pain to reducing stress levels to increasing the oxygen to your heart….to lowering blood pressure by relaxing your nervous system thereby reducing adrenaline output which leads to lowered heart rate… whew! That was a mouthful!
Here is a link to my demo video of how to get going with proper Long Deep Breathing technique.

And lastly, give yourself a big hug and then turn and give big hugs to the next 5 people that you see. Hugging helps to heal the heart and relax your nervous system, too!

So, I hope that this is some new information for you to give some love to your heart!

My Challenge to You

Find one of the above tips that resonates with you and add it into your daily or weekly routine.  If adding some of the ‘good’ fats sounds like something that is do-able, add that into your salad or on top of your dinner veggies. If you can eliminate the ‘bad’ fats this week by not ordering those french fries, good for you! Or, if  steamed beets and carrots appeals to you, try that for a couple of lunches this week.  Go for it!
And, please share this information with your friends and family!
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