I was sitting for my morning yoga, prayers, and meditation today and I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude for women. 

My eyes started filling up with tears as I thought of my own daughter, who is about to graduate from high school and what a rocky 4 years it’s been. And then I started thinking about all of the kids I have in my life and how grateful I am for THEM, and then I went on to feel all of the women and mothers in my life. And then that got even bigger and my heart swelled so big, just thinking about what we’re ALL doing, as a collective.

Mothers and women truly rule the world. As much as the men want to think that they do, it’s really us who do. I know that the world is kinder, gentler, more beautiful because of women. 

Today I wanted to take just a moment and tell you how loved you are. How appreciated you are……how much you’re making a difference in the world. 

Whether you have biological littles, furry ones, you’re mentoring other young people, taking care of your neighbor, giving hugs out at the grocery store, volunteering….whatever way you express your mothering, I appreciate you. 

You’re making the world a better place. 

Some of you I’ve known for over 20 years. Some of you, I just met last week. And some of you, I’ve never met….but if you’re in my orbit, I know that you’re working on yourself  to create a more peaceful world, no matter how big or small that might look. 

In this rocky, scary, unpredictable world, I remain hopeful because I witness, everyday in the women I interact with, how strong, resilient, thoughtful, courageous you all are. And then I know that we’re working either quietly or shouting it from rooftops, that we still have hope. We still have each other. We still want to see a better world for all. 

On that note, I wish you a happy day celebrating women. Celebrating yourself. Celebrating this beautiful life that you’ve created. 

I love you and I believe in you.

Some of my kids….biological and otherwise…..I’d love to see YOUR kids…..furry, friends, littles….whoever you mother…share it with us! 

Always in healing!

Dr. Arjan

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