I noticed that several people around me (and I won’t name any names) were getting into the habit of being in sweatpants all day long over the past week. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great pair of sweatpants to do my yoga in, get through my workout, and to relax after a long day. HOWEVER, I leave them on the shelf for the remainder of my life.

Sweatpants can be a very slippery slope, folks….especially during this time where one can be spending weeks to months cooped up in one’s abode. What happens, when one is cuddled up in these warm, baggy fuzzies, is that our mental space is reflected in how we dress. When one is dressed, all day, every day in sweats, we start to get into that feeling of slugging around the house, lying on the couch binge-watching ‘The Office’ and eating cereal out of the box. 

While this is ok for one of two days (I’ll give you that, considering the predicament that we’re in), I would like to invite you, after your morning routine, take a shower and get properly dressed. Brush your hair and style it or tie your turban if you’re of that orientation like me, put on some jewelry and make-up (if you’re a make-up wearer) and get that pep back in your step. 

See if it makes a difference for you. I know it does for me and my family. The aforemnentioned, un-named person was on their 5th consecutive day of sweatpants, when I decided that it was time to get the gears turning and shake the cobwebs off. I woke them up earlier than usual, ordered a shower and clean, non-jersey material clothes to be donned. I noticed a HUGE change in energy and vitality immediately.  Since that day, the energy and attitude has completely shifted for our whole family.

While we’re experiencing this crazy time, I’d like to continue to encourage you to take good care of yourself.  I know it can be hard, and there are days when it’s hard to get out of bed. I know that my friends who live alone are battling staying above water right now. If you’re alone, make sure to show yourself extra love and care….and if you know people who are alone, make sure that you’re reaching out to them to check on them. Send cards or little bits of love to those who can use it. 

I talked to my dear friend today, and she and I were sharing the thought that we have to be our own lights in these dark times. All of the great spiritual teachers say it. The Buddha’s dying words were “Be a light unto yourself”. I feel like this is the time that we have to dig deep and find our own inner strength. Trying to rely on others can be very hard right now, especially when so many are feeling so isolated. Remember to make sure you stay in some sort of routine, that you’re eating whole foods, and that you get a good laugh everyday. 

Below is a short video I made about the detriments of ‘The Sweatpant Syndrome’ :

The Slippery Slope of Sweatpants short video

My Challenge to You: 

What are you doing, daily to keep your energy up?

This is a great time to journal.

Take a moment to assess your energy. 
On a scale of 0-10, how are you feeling? 
(0 feeling being terrible and 10 feeling amazing!)

If you’re around a 0-5, do these 4 things:
1. Get up and jump up and down 30 times
2. Drink a glass of water
3. Take a cold shower
4. Dress in your favorite clothes, as if you’re going out on a date

Assess how you’re feeling again. 

Remember that you are the light. You are great. You are safe. 

Sending love and hugs from Northern New Mexico,  
Dr. Arjan

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