This week has been an energetic roller coaster for so many people. Are you feeling that way? 

I feel that the information overload is coming to a critical tipping point at this point in our life. With that in mind, I’d like to be that little voice reminding you that you’re allowed to take a pause from all of it.

Before I jump in here..…if you don’t have time to read through this entire post, scroll down to watch/listen instead! Ipromise, it’s worth your time!

Remember that you being ‘on’ with social media, news, and daily conversations about all of the terrible events going on doesn’t make you a better person. You’re not changing anyone’s situation by worrying, stressing and ruminating. 

I completely get that it’s hard to turn off those images and the compulsion of getting the ‘minute-to-minute’ updates of everything going on. I would like to propose that using up your vital force is not making you a martyr, it’s affecting your energy and possibly your health.  The worry, strain and stress that you’re experiencing isn’t helping anyone, and it’s going to decrease your immune system and its’ ability to keep up with repairing your cells, tissues and organs. 

I’d like to offer up an alternative on how you can participate and even help the situation: 

The power of prayer…..or intention….or projection….or thoughts….whatever you’d like to call it that resonates with your heart….is more powerful than you probably know.

Your thoughts not only change your own inner world, it affects and changes the world around you.

There’s a popular saying ‘Heal yourself and heal the world’. I truly believe in this statement. I believe that our thoughts and words have incredible power on our subconscious and our energy field.

When you think and feel a specific way, that thought transmutes the vibration of your cells which in turn, shifts the way your organs function, which then affects your energy. When your energy is elevated, it uplifts the world around you. It affects how you see your environments, and the people around you feel that high energy. It’s literally contagious. 

You know those people, right? The folks you’re just happy being around….those are the people that are walking, talking healers. Their smile, their energy, their light….it just brightens your day.

Conversely, those folks that you just can’t get away from fast enough….I call them ‘energy vampires’ or ‘Eeyores’ (the sad donkey from Winnie-the-Pooh). Although, Eeyore also has a necessary role in life, if you’ve read ‘The Tao of Pooh‘ or ‘The Te of Piglet‘ (2 of my favorite college reads)….just a little aside there.

I’ll leave this week’s post at that. 

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong….Lyrics by Ben Howard…… I have that as one of my alarms when I wake up in the morning. It starts my day on a positive note and those words ringing through my head. 

Your energy is needed for YOU. It’s like that over-used metaphor of the oxygen masks on airplanes when they say to put on your own mask before helping others. It’s the same in life: if you’re trying to help others but your own life-force is depleted, YOU may end up being the one in trouble and then someone else needs to stop what they’re doing to help you.

For me personally, I have a lot of people counting on me to be at my best. Myself, for one, then my kids and my husband, the people who come to see me in the office (I can’t be a sad anxious mess when people are coming for help) and then there’s you, who’s reading this, my family, my close circle of friends… and then it goes from there. I want to be available when those around need my attention. 

I have the picture here of Buddhist prayer flags because the belief is that the words of peace and prayers flow out into the world through the wind. I love that. I have them in my front yard also, because I want those constant prayers for peace going out into the world….and the more people that send those words of love, peace, healing out, will hopefully, be so big and magnficent, that it will crowd out the thoughts that aren’t doing anything to uplift the planet. 

….If you missed my last email, here’s the recap video link for you.


Want to listen instead of read? Here’s my video recap ‘How your words and thoughts create your reality@

Always, in healing, 
Dr. Arjan

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