So, my daughter and I were meeting over coffee about how she can help me with my social media and Youtube channel (I know, I know….I rant about the unhealthful detriments of coffee, but everything in moderation right!?) and as we were talking about our own personal plan for the first of the year, she had the brilliant idea of inviting you to join us!

We’re planning on another round of no sugar, dairy, gluten and (for me, anyway) coffee for 40 days starting the first of January. 

A few years ago,we invited you to join as we travelled down the 40 day, no sugar journey. It was so fun having each other’s support and hearing all of your stories, shares, and inspiration and made it so much more do-able. And the cool thing was, after the 40 days, both of us honestly weren’t craving sugar anymore!

We’ve gotten through the pandemic trauma and I feel like it’s really time to clean up my act and get on track with healthful eating again. I mean, sheesh, it’s been almost 4 years now. I feel like the time of putting into my mouth whatever feels emotionally good, isn’t sustainable anymore, nor is it necessary for me to get through the days. 

I feel like 2022/2023 were pretty rough for myself and so many, and I’m finally ready to get my head back in the game. 

How about you? Is there anything you’re ready to shift? Of course, you don’t need to do ALL of the above eliminations. Maybe you know that you don’t feel good when you have foods containing gluten? Some inflammation, skin irritation, bloating, fatigue? Or maybe dairy gives you some GI pain or dysfunction? Have you found that coffee makes the anxiety just a bit worse? If there’s just one thing that you’d like to shift, remember that baby steps done day-to-day, week-by-week, make huge longterm changes in health and vitality. What might that be for you this coming year? 

I’ll write more later this week, but I got excited and realized that it’s just around the corner, so I needed to get this invite out to you, to plant the seeds of inspiration.

If you’re ready for a reset this coming week, join us along the way!

There’s no cost to joining….it’s self-paced, choose what you want to elminate, you create the rules.

We’ll have recipe how-to videos on tiktok (I’m not set-up yet, but I will be with my daughter’s help by the end of this week), Instagram, Youtube and FB throughout the 40 days.

Feel free to post comments, your own inspiration and questions on any of the above-mentioned platforms!

We’ll have food diaries and inspiration available by the end of this week for you to download and use.

Happy holidays, wherever you are in the world. Sending you lots of love and big, warm hugs

Dr. Arjan
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