I’m rediscovering my old friend. This has been an on-again-off-again companion for me in those times of need….when I have a challenging time falling asleep, or I gash my hand in the garden, or my husband’s wrists are inflammed from too many days on the computer. 

We use this beautiful root for just about everything! Yep, you guessed it! I’m talking about turmeric. It’s there for me, my family and my patients for everything from knee pain, to skin outbreaks, all the way to Gastrointestinal issues, gallbladder flare-ups and Achilles heel pain (which is what I’ve been dealing with these past couple of months, and the anti-inflammatory diet I put myself on isn’t completely doing the trick). 

When my normal food elimination diet doesn’t work, I pull in the big guns…..and that’s turmeric.

I know that many of you have implemented some version of turmeric or curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric). If not, I encourage you try it for those little nagging aches and pains that just aren’t going away. 

Turmeric has been known to help with:

  • Improving digestion
  • Alleviating inflammation
  • Decreasing pain
  • Preventing onset of Alzheimer’s
  • Balancing blood sugars
  • Skin conditions

Looking for a good source to purchase turmeric? I HIGHLY recommend Banyan Botanicals….it’s what I use personally and sell in my office. The company is run by a world-renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, organic, and excellent quality. 

We’ve been making Golden Milk again at our house, over the past several weeks. It’s a perfect evening wind-down drink to relax from a long day working and being at the computer.  

We’ve been adding some fresh ginger, poppyseeds and nutmeg to our drinks, which I find to be an extra little treat for our end-of-the-day ritual.

To explore the myriad uses of turmeric, check out ‘The 10 Day Turmeric Challenge‘. I’ve compiled 10 days of information, recipes, and uses for the beautiful and heart-warming spice.

I made these courses for you because I know how hard it is, once we’re in a pain cycle, or fatigued, or ridden with that anxiety or depression, how to take the first step. I don’t believe that the mainstream medical system is designed, nor do they have the time, to spend on educating you on how to empower you to heal yourself….

As always, I encourage you to continue and grow your knowledge of self-healing and all the tools you can add to empower yourself to be your own best healer. My mission is to continue sending quality and pertinent information for you to do this for yourself. 

May you and your family continue to be well. May you grow into the highest and best version of yourself. May you bring peace to  your community and your world, by being a beacon of light to all. 

Sending you healing to wherever
you are in the world,
Dr. Arjan

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